Rogart Heritage

Archaeology & Heritage

From St Callans

St Callan’s map ref NC 73860 03509
View of Little Rogart from St Callans.

1 Reidchalmine. MacKay’s (Corry.) Mackenzie’s. Sutherlands. Calvert’s.

2 Old Reidchalmine house, Mackenzie’s moved next door when the MacKay’s took Corry, c 1890.
3 151 Little Rogart. Sutherland. MacKay. Robertson. Sutherland. Munro.
4 146 Little Rogart. (McBain,) Angus Murray. Frank Glover. A Munro.
5 152 Little Rogart. W Murray. Lottie Mackay. Frank and Wilma Glover.
6 250 Little Rogart. Willimina and Hellen Murray. Macdonalds. Liz Allan.
7 149 Little Rogart (Mackenzie’s.) Marion Murray (niece.) Macdonalds.
8 151 Little Rogart (Craignacur.) John Mackay. Colin Murray. House empty since c1940
9 215 The Park. Christina Mackay, house empty since early 1950`s

Also include a view of Little Rogart taken during a rare event, when the Park Pool froze solid. With Mac and Fudge the dog on the ice. It usually had very clear ice. Years ago the winters seemed to be harder and the pool would be frozen for long spells. It was a popular slide and play area for youngsters and the school bairns would dash across from the school to slide on the ice, but they could not delay, it was a long run back again.