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The scattered crofting parish of Rogart lies a few miles inland of the east coast of Sutherland, half way along Strath Fleet between Loch Fleet and Lairg.

The parish currently has a population of just over 400, some of whom live and work the crofts scattered throughout the area. The main centre of population is the village of Pittentrail, in the south of the parish.  The village has a railway station (request stop for Rogart), a pub, local shop, petrol station and garage as well as the village hall, focus for many community activities. It also has a disused auction mart where sheep were once bought and sold.

Ultimately we hope to present information about many of the settlements, townships and key buildings (used and disused) of the Parish including:

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A note on spelling

Place name spellings vary through time, by author and by census evaluator.  It is also possible that a census taker may not have understood Gaelic and transliteration from what Gaelic names sounded like into how they “should” be spelled was often haphazard and inconsistent. There may also be Gaelic and local spelling versions.

We will endeavour to adhere to the ‘modern’ place name to enable the reader to identify locations today. However, even this has limitations: in two editions of Ordnance Survey maps, published only a few years apart, spellings can differ.