Online resources

We will be adding items from our archive in due course, so watch this space for more.

Numerous resources are already available online to help with research about Rogart including historical maps, ancient land uses, local graveyards and churches.

  • National Library of Scotland provides access to invaluable historical maps and catalogues, databases and digital collections.
  • ScotlandsPlaces includes maps, drawings and photographs of the parish together with insight into its ever-changing place names. Tax rolls for land, servants, horses and dogs are amongst this vast database.
  • The war memorial at Pittentrail is listed by the Imperial War Museum, and detailed records of the men and women named can be seen on one of our webpages.
  • St Callan’s church history by The Rev J L Goskirk is reproduced on another of our web pages.
  • Highland Memorial Inscriptions provides information on grave inscriptions from across the northern counties, including some from Rogart.
  • Ross and Cromarty Roots includes helpful photographs and grave inscriptions for that county.

Neighbouring parishes have their own heritage groups, museums and research facilities:

  • Clyne Heritage Society has a huge collection of documents, resources and artefacts relating to the parish which lies to the northeast of Rogart.
  • Golspie Heritage Societybased at The Welcome in Golspie village, is a goldmine of local knowledge and information for the parish lying to the south east of Rogart.
  • HistoryLinks at Dornoch, a parish lying to the south of Rogart, has a museum containing numerous artefacts as well as research facilities.
  • Lairg Local History Society  provides another useful resource involved in a wide range of projects and activities including: exhibition displays, a range of publications, regular talks and lectures, field trips and outings.