Rogart men of the 93rd Highlanders

To discover information about me who served in the 93rd Highlanders, John Macdonald delves into the records of the Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Service, 1760-1854. 

The Royal Hospital Chelsea was the administrative office for the British army and was responsible for distributing pension payments to British soldiers since the 1680s. While some pensioners surrendered their pension to the hospital and lived there (“in-pensioners”), many more lived outside the confines and received their pensions elsewhere (“out-pensioners”). This database contains records for soldiers who were applying for their pension after service in the British military. The records also include records of discharge.

The content varies depending on the document and time frame, but you may find:

  • name
  • birthplace
  • age at enlistment
  • enlistment date and place
  • length of time in service
  • location(s) of service
  • military regiment
  • rank
  • physical description
  • character and conduct
  • medals earned
  • medical history
  • disabilities and other details.

There are service and pension documents available on Ancestry for the Rogart soldiers named below who served in the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders and who became in-or-out pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. 

Pte Donald Douglas, b.1807, served 1826-1834, age at enlistment, 19, No.872.

Hugh Douglas, b.1800, served 1817-1836, age at enlistment, 17, No. 45.

Sergeant William Douglas, b.1776, served 1799-1823, age on admission, 47.

Pte John Gordon, b.1770, served 1806-1816, age on admission, 34.

Sergeant Robert Grant, age at enlistment, 18, No.194.

Donald Gunn, b.1783, served 1807-1815, age on admission, 32.

John Leslie, b.1773, served 1807-1816, age on admission, 34.

Alexander Macdonald, b.1752, served 1799-1815, age on admission, 47.

Pte James Macdonald, b.1832, served 1850-1854, age at enlistment, 18, No. 2543.

John Macdonald, b.1777, served 1806-1816, age on admission, 39.

Pte Duncan McDonald, b.1794, served 1813-1826, age on admission, 32.

Robert Matheson, b.1780, served 1799-1815, age on admission, 35.

James Mathewson, b.1744, served 1793-1815, age on admission, 49.

Alex Macintosh, b.1746, served 1794-1815, age on admission, 48.

Alexander Mackay, b.1742, served 1795-1815, age on admission, 53.

Murdoch Mackay, b.1749, served 1799-1815, age on admission, 50. 

Donald Mackay, b.1777, served 1800-1812, age on admission, 45.

Robert Mackay, b.1755, served 1794-1815, age on admission, 39.

William Mackay, b.1754, served 1799-1810, age on admission, 45.

Cpl William Mackay, b.1759, served 1802-1823, age on admission, 43.

William Mackay, b.1796, served 1813-1837, age at enlistment, 17, No.64.

Pte William Mackay, b.1816, served 1834-1837, age at enlistment, 18, No.899.

Donald Munro, b.1751, served 1799-1813, age on admission, 48. 

Pte Donald Munro, b.1781, served 1803-1825, age on admission, 44.

Pte Alexander Murray, b.1764, served 1805-1828, age on admission, 41. 

Pte John Murray, b.1756, served 1799-1822, age on admission, 43. 

John Murray, b.1779, served 1802-1825, age on admission, 46. 

Sgt John Murray, b.1814, served 1832-1854, age at enlistment, 18, No.742. 

Sgt Hugh Murray, b.1786, served 1805-1827, age on admission, 41. 

Sgt Hugh Ross, b.1764, served 1805-1826, age on admission, 41. 

Pte Adam Sutherland, b.1803, served 1823-1845, age at enlistment 20, No.126.

John Sutherland, b.1779, served 1800-1815, age on admission, 37.  

Hugh Sutherland, b.1752, served 1799-1815, age on admission, 47. 

Pte Hugh Sutherland, b.1793. 

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