Parish Images

  1. From Knockarthur top road to Kilbraur Wind farm
  2. Windfarm from behind Sciberscross
  3. Corry Meadow before it became a separate holding.
  4. Kinauld Hill Fort looking over Morvich and how the fort was situated to look over the sea.
  5. Another view of the of the former tidal basin. Looking over Torboll flats with the Alders and sea beyond. Note drainage channel and the cleared settlements of West and East Aberscross upper left.
  6. Dalmore quarry when you could still see it. Closed c1906 although stone was still being carted out.
  7. Iconic image of the ladies outside the house of Henny McIntosh, Rhemusaig. Mrs Mackenzie Torbreck, her daughter Mrs A Murray, (the miller’s wife), neighbour Maggie Inquisitive (Sutherland), Old Henny. The house was built for her by the estate as a sort of help the poor policy. The foundation is still to be seen and also the walled enclosure behind it with now huge trees within Henny’s garden.
  8. Balchlaggan Rock. Every few years the whin grows and needs to be burned back. This fire was accidental and the fire brigade came, but really The Rock has seen many such fires over the years and they go nowhere and only do good. The houses are 26 Balchlaggan and Craigard, built as the Drill Sergeant’s cottage for the volunteers and later the T A.
  9. The top of Balchlaggan Rock has a green area with a prominent stone on it. It was where large bonfires would be lit to celebrate a special event. The fire could be seen from most parts of the old parish. Such a fire is mentioned in the Schoolmaster’s diary for the coronation of Edward VII.
  10. House of Blarich Sheep Farm built for the Halls c1850s
  11. Braegrudie with Tom MacKay, Ian Thomson and Mrs Alex Murray
  12. Colin Murray Morness & Willie McKenzie Faldary