Cnoc An Liath-bhaid

Map ref NC 73512 10068

Cnoc an Liath-Bhaid

This stone circle, a little more than ½ mile East North East of the shepherd’s house at Braegrudie.

Stone circle, near Braegrudie

This stone circle has had a double ring of stones – an outer, 28ft in diameter and an inner, 22ft in diameter. Of the outer circle, two stones remain upright in position, one merely protrudes above the ground and two lie prostrate. Of the inner circle there appear to be five stones in situ and one prostrate.

Unusually, the stones do not lie along the circumference but are set radially to it – a feature which is shared with Achinduich and Achanvanich. Slightly off-centre in the circle are signs of a low cairn that appears to have been excavated.  Slightly North of the centre of the circle are signs of a low cairn which seems to have been excavated. There are numerous small mounds for nearly ¼ mile north- wards along the haunch of the hill.

A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany by Dr Aubrey Burl gives a wonderful description of the stones: “Below a hillside wrinkled like chilled skin and above the smooth curves of the River Brora this is an attractive, though disturbed, ring on open moorland. Five rewarding stones still stand on the perimeter of an oval 31ft. Three others of fallen and out of position. The tallest stone, a gaunt grey column is 6’6” high.”

The stone ‘circle’ from a distance

Thanks to David Allen for the glorious images.