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St Callans by Chris Cogan, Muie



Grid reference: NC 74223 03439

There are two graveyards – at St Callans kirkyard and the new cemetery which lies to its north. To get there from the A839 at Pittentrail take the road opposite the war memorial, which is signposted to Rhilochan and Balnacoil, for about 1.5 miles. You will see St Callans Church on the right hand side and the new cemetery about 200 meters beyond, on the left hand side.


Location map

For information about St Callans Church see Places of Worship in Scotland.



We are enormously grateful to Christine Stokes for all the work she has done photographing and recording hundreds of inscriptions of graves that can be found in the churchyard at St Callan’s and the new cemetery. This page is a result of that hard work.

Illegible stones are not included – only those which have an inscription which can be deciphered. If you have any photographs of missing stones please contact us and we will add them to the database.

Please note that with all our inscriptions all Mc and Mac names are shown as Mac. This facilitates easier indexing and searching.


Grave Inscriptions

This pdf provides an index to all of the graves: ROGART INDEX

This pdf provides the lists of graves and their inscriptions for the new cemetery: RO-A ROGART NEW SECTION 

and graves from around St Callans Churchyard RO-B ROGART ST CALLAN.


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We now have Christine’s photographs. If you spot a photograph in the pdfs above please contact us and we will email it to you.