2 balchlaggan ross 1080

Balchlaggan Ross 1080. Click on the image to enlarge

The heart of Rogart parish lies around the vicinity of the Old parish Church of St Callans. This is where the main parish school was built and also the Drill Hall. We have chosen an image of Blairmore to emphasise this.

The old houses and the names associated with them over the years, beginning with identification from the 1940s, are listed here.

1. 28 Balchlaggan. Cairnside (named after the burial cairn behind the house). John Sutherland from his mother. It was modernised by the Seymour family, who still have the house.
2. 59 Culdrain, Ross Culdrain, Elizabeth Sutherland, daughter. John and Jessie Mackay, Donald, Evelyn and Uncle Hugh. Granddaughter, Mairi, is now the tenant.
3. 42 Culdrain Jas Ross, Angus Oats, Willie and Rema Mackay.
4. Cnoc Dubh, empty for long spells and used as a temporary home. Modernised by Paul and Pearl Blount, now new owners.
5. 48 Blairmore. Mackenzie, then James Campbell, modernised by Mr and Mrs Roy Gibson, now home of Mrs Cousins.
6. 45 Blairmore, Mary Barclay, now home of grandniece Rona Anderson. House has kept its original character.
7. 46 Blairmore, Cnocantean, Murray, Joe Fraser, Sando Murray. Modernised and present home of Grant and Angela Cumming.
8. 44 Blairmore, Bob McPherson, Jamesina MacKay, Sandy Murray. Modernised by Hamish Mackay who still resides there.
9. 40 Blairmore Skiag. Mrs Reid, Andrew MacKay, Doris Mackay. A niece now has the house.
10. 41 Blairmore. Mrs MacPherson, Big Bob Mackay Cnocan. Old house rebuilt by Pooles. Present home of Kevin and Caroline Lewis.
11. Emily Ross and sisters. House replaced by Estate factor. Present occupant Mrs Stevens.
12. Splockhill, former ground officer’s house. Alexander, Fraser, Murray.
13. School and Schoolhouse, house unoccupied since 1970s.
14. T A Drill Hall, modernised by Mrs Burns and named Seaforth Hall by Mrs Rawstorne, whose family still own it.
15. Rogart park. Estate land. Meadow once used as the Volunteers’ parade ground.