One thing Rogart does not lack is antiquities. The parish abounds in the remains of hut circles and evidence of occupants past. In particular there are very well preserved sites of former habitation that succumbed to the clearances 1810-1822. A small selection of local antiquities is shown here.

1. Hill Fort Kinauld.

2. Typical Kiln Bowl.

3. Kiln on Rhians.

4. House site on Rhians, note length, 30m+.

5. Behind Morvich was a large settlement, fields and house sites remain.

6. Morvich house site.

7. An interesting curio is to be found on Grudie: a cist in solid rock.

8. Nigel and Steffan investigate the Grudie cist.

9. Grudie has some very well preserved house sites. Also an iron smelting site, up from mill.

10. Blarich Cemetery, note that Map Names Register states that the last burial here was in 1812.

11. The Lettie Grave is a mystery.

12. Lettie former settlement contains many fine settlement sights, such as this one.