The Office Bearers for 2022-23 (elected 19 November 2022)

Chair: Charlotte Gibson, Pittentrail Lodge, Rogart. 01408 641225

Vice Chair: Rachel Allan, The Rowans, Rhiandoggie, Rogart.01408 641412‬

Secretary: Christina Perera, Ascoile, Gordonbush, Brora. 01408 621871

Treasurer: Raymond Ross, 174 Muie, Rogart. 01408 641245

Historian: John Macdonald, 148 Little Rogart, Rogart. 01408 641265

Co-Opted Member: Steve Taylor, Milton Bank Cottage, Rogart. 1408 641410‬‬

The Society meets at Pittentrail Hall.

The society were gifted an area of land in the village by the late Mrs Warre of Morvich Estate. The intention was to have a building to use as a heritage centre. Admirable as the idea is, in reality the society does not feel strong enough in membership to build and maintain such a facility. The land is still available should circumstances change. It is being preserved as a low maintenance Heritage Garden.

Over the years the society has accumulated a vast store of information relating to the parish.

Projects on the horizon.

  • We plan to develop pages on the Rogart diaspora – folk who have left the parish – and more about the antiquities found in the parish.
  • We intend developing a display of heritage boards at the newly refurbished mart in Pittentrail.
  • We are hoping to explore the Boer War based on the letters of Walter Matheson of West Langwell.

Please let us have your feedback on what you would like to see on the website. If you would like to share your story or pictures of local interest please contact us.