Rogart through the seasons

We will be devoting a section of the website to the different facets of life in Rogart, at various times of year.  We would love to hear your ideas, show your pictures and read your stories.

Here are a few thoughts about what we might include under each season:


  • Lambing
  • Raising the Canadian flag at Dalmore
  • Calf sale at the Auction Mart


  • Rogart Gala – when it started, who has been involved
  • Crofters’ Show
  • Lamb sales at the Auction Mart


  • Sheepdog trials
  • Tattie Week
  • Lowering the Canadian flag at Dalmore
  • Guisers and Halloween


  • Storms and snow
  • Christmas traditions
  • Hogmanay

You may have better ideas. Please contact us with information and any photographs. We’d love to hear from you.